Beginnings Leading Indie Feature, Tryptch Films
Glass Houses Leading Brooklyn College Short Film
Mercy Leading NYU Short Film, Paul Chung
Paper Rose Leading NYU Short Film, Hugh Yang
Living With Imperfections
Leading NYU Short Film, Vinny Pujara
Supporting SVA Short Film, Winson Zhuang
Secret Love
Supporting NYU Short Film, Jenny Zeng
Alice and Cecil Supporting NYFA Short Film, Pablo Vaca
Dreams Unlimited Supporting NYU Short Film, Vinny Pujara
An Abundance of Peace Supporting Post-Grad Film, Fred Henry



A Crime to Remember Featured Investigation Discovery
Deadly Sins Featured Investigation Discovery



Michael A. Smith's 'Whiskey River' Supporting Music Video, Jack T. Smith
Just My Luck Featured Web Series, Frankie Delessio



Something Outrageous Southern Belle 45th Street Theatre, Michael Horn
The Rimers of Eldritch Mavis Johnson Rutgers University, Chris O'Connor
Radio Plays: "The New House" Sheila New Brunswick Theatre Festival


The Freeman Studio, NY
Scene Study: Alexandra Neil; New Plays Workshop: Andrew Polk/Neil LaBute

HB Studio, NY
Acting: Trudy Steibl; On-Camera: Arkin/Campbell; Voice:Dan Manjovi; Dialects: Amanda Quaid

Rutgers University, NJ
BA Theatre Arts; BA English

Program Director: Marshall Jones III; Acting: Chris O'Connor; Script Analysis: David Letwin

University of Sussex, UK
British Theatre: Faynia Williams

T. Schreiber Studio, NY
Meisner: Susan Pilar; On-Camera: Peter Miner; Voice & Speech: Page Clements


Special Skills

Accents/Dialects: Standard British English, Cockney, Irish, American Southern, Chicago; Sports: Soccer, Tennis, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing; Vocal Range: Soprano; Instrument: Violin; Boating License; Passport
Height:5'1" Size:2
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